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Do you have a Lusse or Dodgem you’re trying to find a new home for?
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You will deal directly with interested potential buyers.

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Totally Restored 1938


Rare Pre-World War II 1938 Lusse “Auto Skooter”

Own a unique piece of Americana — and drive it too!

Completely restored and converted to independent 12V power. This model has short headlight housings.

This Auto Skooter has new paint, floor, wheels and bearings, clutch, steering wheel, steering wheel cushion, battery (Optima), custom battery box, marine battery charger, LED lights, wiring, 12V motor, control switch, new keyed (on/off) switch, upholstery, new pole and stinger, rebuilt turntable, reconditioned rubber bumper and outside steel band. All aluminum parts polished.

This has been converted over to 12V so that it can ride on almost any flat surface. It runs a ball bearing 13,000 RPM, 6.8 HP motor. It can go over 15 MPH. Very fast. Battery charger is built in; all you have to do is plug it in to a 110V wall socket.

Many hours and lots of care have been invested in the restoration of this amazing bumper car.

Please call Peter for more information and asking price:


Roaring 20’s


Rare 1926 Lusse For Sale

This is a 1926 model Lusse Auto Skooter. This very rare bumper car was the second model produced by Lusse Brothers, bearing the serial number 4126. The rear wheel drive / rear assisted steering design is unique for the series. By 1932, the design was improved to front wheel drive and steer. This car is in great condition for being almost 90 years of age. It has all of its original parts, including the original electric motor which runs well.

I purchased this bumper car in Southern California, in 1983. Subsequently, in 1984, I attended the dissolution auction of the Rocky Springs Park in Lancaster, PA, where I happened to see historic photos of car #8 in use at the park. The owner of Rocky Springs Park was sharing old photos from the park’s heyday with a limited audience following the auction.

He informed me that his father had sold some of their old bumper cars to a buyer in Southern California in the early 1960’s. He showed me photos of the bumper car ride when it was still in operation, with car #8 right out front.  Upon hearing that I had acquired #8, he gave me a roll of original ride tickets and a Coke sign from the Park, which is enameled steel and made in 1958 during the time period when this car was still operating at Rocky Springs Park.

The over-all condition of the car is very good. There are small areas on the body that have welded cracks.
It appears that much of the car still has the original paint, and much of the original straw and horsehair upholstery is still intact.

I have discussed this car with Peter Foster of Lusse Auto Scooters LLC, and we agree that we are aware of only two existing examples of the 1926 model, the one Peter owns and this one.

The purchaser of this car will receive the car, as well as the roll of original ride tickets and the Coke sign from the Rocky Springs Park. I will build the shipping crate and package all items for delivery. The actual shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Located in Truckee, CA zip code 96161.

This car is being offered at $10,000.00.

My contact info is:
Phil McLaren / mclarenzoo@att.net / 530-448-6639.

26 Lusse splash 22


 ~ 1959 Dodgem Bumper Car ~
Completely restored fiberglass body

Item #004
Please contact for price

1959 Dodgem restored fiberglass

Fiberglass Lusse

 ~ Lusse Fiberglass Body Bumper Car ~

1972 Lusse fiberglass body Euro Model.
Complete with running gear.

Item #008
Please contact for price

1972 lusse white pic 1 1972 lusse white pic 2 1972 lusse white pic 3 1972 lusse white pic 4




1953 Lusse Autoskooter
In good condition overall, all body parts included. Steering wheel also available if needed. Original floor, rear axle and wheels are intact. Original glass lenses. Pole and stinger. There is no front turntable or motor. Body has small dents and two small holes on side that could be welded up. Grille has been welded where there are drill holes from carnival mods.




1953 Lusse Autoskooter
Good floor, rear wheels and axle. Rubber bumper is in good shape. Hood has been repaired and metal welded to support grille. Hood ornament is new old stock. Pole and stinger included. Car has cracks where steering wheel is mounted. Small holes in side of body. Stainless is rough.

Blue-2 Blue-3
Blue-6 Blue-5



1953 Lusse Autoskooter
Body is clean, no rust. Rubber bumper in great shape. Rear floor section no good. Dents in right rear. Front of hood welded to grille (was in this condition when purchased).
A good start for project car, street legal or game room piece.




1953 Lusse Autoskooter
Has a good floor, good body, no rust. Rear axle and wheels included. Metal problem at hood where grille meets. Good condition used grille replacement. Dent is in right rear. Pole and stinger comes with car. Original glass lenses. All other body parts included.

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